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№.TiTANiTE | Visual Arts | Shokunin

Jie Ma
Jie Ma
'Untitled' David S. Hong
'Flower Field' - David S. Hong
'Familiar Kiss of the Underground Sandstorm' - Edwin Ushiro
Mixed Media
36” x 24” 
Imagine being held underwater by an unseen force. In 1947, on the big island of Hawaii, some boys were swimming in a pond in the village of ‘Ola’a (now Kea’au) when one of them suddenly disappeared below the surface. When divers located the missing boy, they were stunned by what they saw. His corpse was found sitting naturally on a boulder at the bottom of the pond, his eyes and mouth open wide as if in horror. Locals who swim there swear that they sometimes feel something tugging at their leg, trying to draw them downward, and eerie cries have been heard drifting from the area at night. Some believe the drowned boy is trying to find a replacement for himself at the bottom of the pond, so he can pass into the next world. 
1950s Hong Kong, captured in street photography by Fan Ho.
Daniel Tyka 
'0.2 Seconds' - Darren Quach
'Mech Garage' - Darren Quach
Danny Gardner